Milchkännchen - Spassjazz aus dem Rheinland


(Little Milk Pot) -

since long a guarantee for putting crowds in a good mood - has its roots in a students´ band from Aachen (West Germany) that got out their instruments in the carnival season every year inorder to spread joy and cheerfulness whith their brass music. The name of the band was "De Bleichkann" (The tin can). This group was the stepping stone for a smaller selection of good friends who decided for themselves to mainly play "Jazz" music henceforth.

Even as far back as the early eighties the press made a point of their "rousing spontaneity". Loud-hailer, washboard, trumpet, tuba and banjo were the simple means through which the musicians  - appearing so enthused over their  own music - brought the audiences into contact with the "Jazz Virus" in two shakes of a lamb´s tail.

The band has never lost their spontaneity until today. Professional musicians appreciate the natural wit of the ochestra and have always been willing to back up the guys. The Jazz legend Ken Colyer was one of them and John Crocker,  in particular, long-time saxophone and clarinet player in the Chris-Barber-Jazzband, has taken a shine to MILCHKAENNCHEN. The CD which the band produced with him in 1993 is listed in the Chris-Barber-Band dicography. Other temporary Jazz highlights were Heiner Wiberny, leader of the saxophine section in the much-praised bigband of the WDR radio and tv station in Cologne, Monty Sunshine and England´s exceptional clarinettist Pete Allen. Worth remembering are joint Jazz ventures with Acker Bilk, the late Blues piano player Champion Jack Dupree, Rod Mason and members of his orchestra and the Barrel House Jazzband, Frankfurt.

MILCHKAENNCHEN music is music for the unsophisticated Jazz lover. MILCHKAENNCHEN will continue travelling the country/ies with the aim of spreading cheerfulness and a good humour at all kinds of events with their zippy Dixieland music always abiding by their motto: "Joy with Jazz - Jazz with Joy".

There have been some important stations for the band: Festivals in Tallin (Esthonia), Bergen (Norway), Wisby (Sweden), Upton and Teignmouth (England), Belfast (UK), Enkhuizen (Holland), Chalon s/M (France), Mardi Gras on Tenerife and New Orleans (USA), the "Cradle of Jazz", furhermore engagements in Switzerland for roughly six months altogether.

In Germany also, MILCHKAENNCHEN took part in very intriguing Jazz events: Jazz Festival Bad Hersfeld, the Emperor´s Banquet in Speyer (South west Germany), Truck Grand Prix at  the Nuerburg racing track, the International Touristic Fair (Berlin), just to mention a few. Radio and tv stations have occasionassy called the "Boys from the Rhineland" as well, for example, appearing in the WDR serial "Schatz oder Schätzchen" (treasures - great or small) for the whole of the programme.

Appearances the band likes best, though, are those in friendly pubs, beer gardens, Jazz clubs where the audiences go along with the band´s enthusiasm.

You may look forward to the "Boys from the Rhineland".

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